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Top 9 Criteria to Find the Best Essay Writing Service

Technology has brought in plenty of opportunities these days, whether it comes to work, shopping, or even student assignments. These days, you no longer need to worry about failing to complete assignments in high school or college. Instead, essay writing services can get the job done for you.   Online education services are quite diversified, though, and include more than just essay writing help. You can find books online, as well as courses. In fact, you can even study online and get a degree from the comfort of your armchair.   Back to students, relying on an cheap essay writer will allow you to focus on subjects that really matter for your career. It will give you the chance to maintain your social interactions, family life, and even job if you have to work in order to study.   But then, a simple search over the Internet will give you plenty of results. How do you choose the best essay writing service to avoid unpleasant surprises? Here are a few considerations to make your life easier.

What to consider while choosing essay writing services

Avoid going cheap

  This is the first step in the help with writing a dissertation. Reputable essay writing sites hang around the same price range. Sure, there will be slight differences in the price here and there, but at the end of the day, prices are quite similar.   If you find a service asking for two times less money, chances are the quality standards will be just as bad. In other words, you will get a piece of work that you simply cannot hand over to your professor. You must redo it yourself or hire a different service.   Even if the essay is alright in terms of quality, such low prices indicate a fishy activity. Perhaps the respective essay writer service sends over the same essays over and over again, meaning they will be quickly identified with plagiarism software.

Choose a service with more writing styles

The idea is to find best essay writers that mention multiple writing styles on their websites. You cannot just ask for it because you will probably get a positive answer, regardless of what you ask. Besides, you need a bit of variety when writing essays in school.   Some professors may require essays in expository writing styles. Some others may demand argumentative essays. If such things are not mentioned on the official website, simply find a different site that writes essays.   Many amateurs believe they can replicate any style out there if they have little experience. This is only a misconception. Sure, they can try, but there is a small chance to provide a good job.

Find a service that can write in your style

Unless this is the first assignment for a professor, chances are they are familiar with your writing style. After all, your professor marked your work for a long time. You make certain mistakes over and over again, and you use the same expressions.   Therefore, when looking for top essay writing services, make sure they employ writers who can match your writing style. When placing an order, you can also submit one of your previous essays, so the writer gets an idea about your style.   The writer should also be notified of the materials used in class. After all, the essay should be inspired from those materials. You can also include such things as attachments when placing an order. Furthermore, make sure you check samples before you buy an essay online. Most websites offer samples.

Top notch communication

The best essay writers in the industry are great with communication as well. Make sure there is consistency in your communication, whether you discuss directly with the writer or you have to submit requests and details to an agent.   Live chat or instant messaging is modern, easy, and accessible. Go through all the contact options before placing an order. On the same note, customer service should be available round the clock, rather than Monday to Friday between 9AM and 5PM.   Customer service is essential because you basically entrust your education and success to a stranger. To make sure of it, simply get in touch with customer service with random questions at different times of the day and night, before actually placing the order.

Free revisions

A website that writes essays for you should be able to provide revisions. After all, no matter how many details and materials you provide as guidance, small issues may still arise here and there. You do not want to pay for these things, so free revisions represent a must.   Double check the company’s policy in terms of revisions. The best websites for writing essays do offer free revisions, but they come with terms and conditions. For example, you might be entitled to three revisions only, or perhaps you have unlimited revisions over a week.   Some companies provide free revisions to orders longer than 10 or 20 pages. Keep in mind that no matter which service you go for, they work for you. You pay for this service, so you require a result that can meet your demands and expectations.   Just because free revisions are advertised on the main page, do not take them for granted. Make sure you double check the terms and conditions, as they can cause a series of unpleasant surprises.

Double check the guarantees

Guarantees offered by top essay writing services are just as important in the process. Every big company out there will come with some guarantees, so take a look upfront. For example, is there an on-time delivery guarantee? This could be ideal.   However, there is not much to worry about if you place the order months or weeks before the deadline.   Does the service rely on up to date sources and materials? This is another important consideration, especially if you cannot provide any sources or materials. If you have the classes or courses, you can attach them in the order.   Is there a guarantee for confidentiality? You do not want your name out there, and you definitely do not want the paper to be published as a sample. If your professor runs a plagiarism check online, you are ruined.   The best essay service out there should be able to provide all these guarantees.

Opt for specialist writers

This could be a bit of an issue because many services will not provide direct access to their writers, so most of the communication is conducted through agents. You do not have too many writers’ details either, especially since some services may hire dozens or even hundreds of writers.   You should still ask who is responsible for your assignment and what kind of knowledge and experience they have. The best essay writing websites will be able to employ writers with Master’s or PhD degrees, meaning they know exactly what they are writing about and will not need too much research.   Some services will allow you to choose what type of writer you want for the assignment. You can choose a general professional writer, a top one, or a premium one. Obviously, more advanced or better reviewed writers will come with extra fees.

Get a plagiarism report

A plagiarism report should be part of a standard service. Unfortunately, it is not. Some of the biggest essay writing services on the market will give you a plagiarism report for a fee, but you can never tell whether or not it is real. After all, you do not want to take any risks when it comes to your success.   Now, if you go for a service that promises you the world for half the price, the plagiarism report is probably a joke and less likely to mean anything. You may not even be able to get one anyway. And if you do, you cannot tell whether or not it is authentic.   The idea is to opt for a reputable service. Stick to a service with years of experience on the market. Even if the plagiarism report comes with a fee, such a service is more likely to be honest about it. A random service offering similar results for half the price cannot guarantee for anything.   Moreover, ensure the plagiarism is backed by a guarantee as well.

Ask for a more difficult service

If you need a thesis written from scratch, ask the respective service if they provide dissertation writing services. If you need an essay, ask if they can provide thesis writing. Basically, you need to inquire one level up.   Why? Simple. If a service can write a dissertation, they can also write your thesis, which requires less work and research. The idea will ease some of the pressure on your shoulders, especially when you know your work is in good hands.


Choosing the best writing service for your needs may require a bit of work. You will have to research, find some suggestions, go through reviews, and double check all the terms and conditions.   But then, your grades, success, and career are likely to depend on the result, so it pays off to be cautious and responsible.​
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To 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Essay Writing

Every student has faced the hassles of writing an essay and submitting it on time from school to university. Not only is it important to build the necessary skillset of a student, but it is also essential to scoring better in competitive exams.

Essay writing is a subject that helps students better understand a topic and enhances their critical thinking ability, and helps them gain a good command of language. An essay reflects students’ thought processes, knowledge, attitude, and vision regarding a particular topic. This is helpful for parents, guardians, and examiners to gauge a student’s analytical ability and knowledge quotient.

Stick around till the end to understand all the do’s and don’ts while writing an essay

Do’s of writing an essay.

  • Do give yourself time to understand the topic and research it thoroughly. Generally, two weeks is an ideal time for understanding research. However, you can adjust your time accordingly if there are time constraints.
  • Do emphasize honesty in your essay. Writing about your thoughts on the topic is better than copying your friends’ work.
  • Do be descriptive of the topic and use active verbs and nouns to empathize with your sentences. But make sure to identify the fine line between descriptive and hyperbole.
  • Do read the prompt and stick to providing the necessary information in your essay. You also need to make sure to read the instructions carefully and stick to one tone of writing.
  • Do stick to the given word limit.
Don'ts of writing an essay

Don’ts of writing an essay

  • Don’t overuse idioms and phrasal verbs. Most professional writers recommend deleting unnecessary words from the essay, which is meant to increase the word count.
  • Don’t plagiarize, even though your essay is not on the net. Plagiarized content holds minor to no value either online or offline. Hence, it is always the best option to stay away from copied content, especially if you’re writing your essays for grades.
  •  Don’t spend much time on the introduction, as it only contains 110%-15% of the word count. Students spend days crafting a perfect introduction and lose time on the content.
  • Don’t include new information or new evidence in the concluding paragraphs. The conclusion should contain the summary of the entire essay but should not pose further information to readers.
  • Don’t include facts or images in the essay just for the sake of it. You can use pertinent information from the web, books, or other authentic sources only if you’re sure about the authenticity of the information.


Essay writing can be a stressful task, especially for students. However, when done right by following the guidelines mentioned above, it can be a piece of cake, which can also fetch you get scores. Furthermore, by following the right tone and writing grammatically correct language, your essay can do wonders for the readers’ minds.

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How to Choose the Right Essay Writing Services

Due to complex topics and an increase in demand for academic work, students worldwide are drifting towards hiring help for college or academic writing. Students with a lack of time or poor writing skills also find shelter in services that offer academic writing. However, it is essential to know that students lack this ability and often go back to square one!

If you’re a student looking to hire best paper writing services, you need to consider the points mentioned below and land the exemplary service.

Essay Writing Services

As aforementioned, essay writing services or companies help students to write commendable essays for academic purposes. A student needing assistance places an order with the required instructions and makes payment. Once payment is made, the service will assign your work to qualified experts in the field or let the students choose their writers.

Choosing an essay writing service


Due to the increasing market, choosing the right service/ company for your academic needs can be a daunting process. Consider some advice from here before landing on a service of your choice:

The duration of the market

You don’t want a company or a service to back out from doing the job right before the due date. It is best to choose businesses that have been in the market for a while to avoid such trouble. In addition, they’re more likely to have a positive reputation among students.

Services with guarantees

Guarantees are essential when it comes to getting the job done from third-party services. It is necessary to check if the service is reliable and if they guarantee timely submission. If the companies fail, it’s best to find a new one. On that note, make sure they have a refund policy if they fail to deliver what they promised. Most of these businesses claim to provide top-quality and timely work, but hardly a handful of them stick to their promise.

Check for policies


College essays and academic assignments generally have personal or educational details, which can be confidential. Before submitting these details, ensure customer confidentiality is in their policy section. It is best to know about them before opting for their services.


When dealing with services, customer reviews are the only way we can know a service’s authenticity. Hence, have an eagle’s eye on reviews that are essential for taking the business forward.


Make sure you pay enough for the service you’re asking for, not too less or not too much. The cost for your work depends on :

  • The length of your academic essay
  • Your deadline- the sooner you need, the higher the pay
  • The type of paper – high school, college, etc
  • The amount of research needed
  • The topic of your essay

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