The first official Basque pelota simulator video game that transfers the experience of this traditional sport to mobile devices and tablets.

Using the Unity3D engine, it has been possible to simulate a real handball game on different devices.

During development, documentation and collaboration work has been carried out with different professionals, in order to reflect as faithfully as possible all the aesthetic and playable aspects of hand ball.

Basque pelota is a predominantly tactical game, which is why special emphasis has been placed on designing a control system that allows the different shots typical of a match to be carried out. For this, the advice of pelotaris such as Rubén Beloki has been taken into account, compiling the various tactics and game situations that have been programmed for artificial intelligence.

Fronton allows you to play a game with official pelotaris, modeled and textured from images of professional pelotaris from both Aspe and Asegarce. To create the video game animations, motion capture technology has been used with real ballplayers. In addition, in the video game each pelotari has unique physical abilities (strength, technique and speed) that coincide with the trajectory of the current season.

This video game offers:

Play an individual and/or pairs championship
Play a free match (location, pelota players, number of goals)
10 official pelota players from the Aspe and Asegarce squads
7 royal frontons, belonging to different important Basque pelota locations

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