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    We work with Unity, the best engine for game development market. They use more than 5 million developers worldwide and more than 20% of studies of game creation. We carry your games to multiple platforms.



  • Fronton



    First official game Pelota simulator
    that takes the experience of the traditional sport on smartphones and and tablets.
    Using Unity3D engine it has managed to simulate a real Pelota match on different devices.


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Development Applications and Games for Mobile Devices


  • mando_w

    We develop games for any platform, smartphone, tablet and/or video game consoles

  • puzzle_w

    We work as with all the functionality required by the customer, all kinds of APPs, management systems, geolocation, social networking



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  • Business Development Manager

    Mikel Cearsolo
  • Chief Technology Officer

    Jon Iñaki Martínez
  • Creative Director

    Jon López de Guereña
  • Game Designer

    Mikel Calvo
  • Software Engineer

    Patxi Bocos
  • Software Engineer

    Ernesto Andrés
  • Graphic Designer

    Argi Calleja
  • Community Manager

    Ainara Bruña
  • 3D Generalist

    Andrea Conde


How can we help you? Phone us at 946 12 22 41
You can also contact us via email info@pulsarconcept.com or visit our offices in Barakaldo.

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